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Chilling here for a bit. Chicago.

Does not suck. Not the quietest, but certainly nice. The Dana, Chicago.


Chilling here for a bit. Chicago.

Does not suck. Not the quietest, but certainly nice. The Dana, Chicago.

May 8, 2013
Never seen this before… A plastic barrier. Yes? Four Points Sheraton Old Town.

Never seen this before… A plastic barrier. Yes? Four Points Sheraton Old Town.

October 19, 2012
Preview: Crown Metropol Melbourne Revisited

Preview: Crown Metropol Melbourne Revisited

October 19, 2012

Brisbane Novatel

First thing that hits me upon opening the door to my Novatel room here in Brisbane is the sun. Blazing. Queensland is the upside down version of our hot South here in America. Except it’s in the Northeast of Australia. I see the logic in leaving the curtains open for your arrival as any hotel room shouldn’t seem grim in the daytime — at least when you first arrive and without your sweetheart on your arm. But the solo business traveler in this case immediately went for the curtains after taking in a cursory view of Brisbane CBDish. 

Since I’ve been to Brisbane many times and, frankly, don’t feel drawn to walk the closed-down downtown area, I took advantage of bar downstairs with my colleagues. The bartender was cool and quiet yet friendly and easily dispatched our not-so-easily dispatched tour manager upon his (and our) shock at a AU$9 coffee: “You asked for a double shot, I charged you for a double,” he said with a smile. And so? “It’s a damn good coffee,” was the result from our TM. Even so, Australia’s not cheap for an Australian, it’s definitely not cheap for a Yankee. 

The only other thing to do was take advantage of the bed, which took me under for a few hours, clearing out the last few jet lag cobwebs I didn’t lose my few days in Sydney. The bed worked, as well as the other bed which worked fine as a luggage trolly/dresser the few days I was there. 

Free internet in the lobby, which you’ll need as Aussie hotels can kick your ass with access charges in your room. 

All in all I found it a bit more comfortable than the busy bustle of the Sofitel (see previous entries) and the bar a bit more welcoming with a nice terrace. It won’t make my list for a favorite hotel, but this hotel certainly doesn’t suck. 

September 3, 2012

This Hotel Actually Sucks

Disclaimer: this blog is not about being negative about the places in which I’ve been lucky enough to stay. However, with this one I was neither lucky nor was it worthy of any praise whatsoever. 

Crowne Plaza Metro Downtown Chicago.

Wouldn’t let our manager check in or lock in our rooms that were booked a month ago.

Gave away our twin room, replaced with smoking king+pullout.

Trash on the floor.

Bathroom door is barely a functioning door.


A/C roof units’ noise heard in room.

Smells bad.

The receptionist was nice and her embarrassment was duly noted, but complimentary drinks and breakfast are not “compensation.” Most average-to-crap hotels can offer that included.

This hotel actually sucks.

July 12, 2012

Random. This hotel…

Smells like a new rental car. 

Holiday Inn in Berlin (secret). 

July 12, 2012

Technically, this hotel room has 3 sinks!

Novatel Suites, Nice, FR. 

We’re, once again, at an airport hotel. Except it’s in Nice. And it’s a Novatel Suites, which I’ve come to learn has no normal rooms. The room we’re in is like a “parents and child” situation, with a big bed, side tables, side lamps and closets on one side, along with the entrance to the either/or shower and tub bathroom (sink #1). There is also a television facing the bed, which I’d forgotten about having used it to hang my still-wet shorts from Corsica. 

The other side is the more spacious “child” and office side, with the big desk, two ergonomic chair, twin bed, and wet bar (sink #2). Finishing off at the entry there’s toilet (I love France and some of Europe’s ability to keep the toilet separate from the bathroom, thank you. Sink #3). 

It’s a cool hotel here, for what it is. Nice center is like €20-40 cab ride from here they say, so we made good friends with the Italian spot on the other side of the pool. Frankly, I needed some sleep and some food and I got both.

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Hotel Princess BCN, Macdonald Manchester UK

June 10, 2012   1 note

Days In Exit J13 Services Scotish Motorway

"This hotel is kinda creepy," said one of my travel companions. 

"It’s a roadside hotel in a services, it has to be." 

It’s actually pretty amazing. I guess my barometer is set lower at the moment as we’re not traveling on a tour bus. Bed’s comfy, internet’s free and blazing fast, fresh water available in the lobby for free, AND IT HAS A TROUSER PRESS!!!

We’ve had quite a few fancy pants hotels lately that haven’t had irons. I suppose if you’re fancy, you have money to avail yourself of the hotel’s laundering services. I’d never. 

It has a trouser press…